This program provides a one year theoretical and practical educational experience in dermatopathology. Fellows coming from a pathology residency will spend 50% of their time in clinical dermatology and those from dermatology will focus on pathology in a similar time frame to insure a comprehensive knowledge base in both disciplines.

Training will also include the use of special staining techniques, electron microscopy, immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry. There is a large diversity of in house as well as consult material. The trainee will have graduated responsibility and will be expected to be active in teaching conferences. Research is strongly encouraged through a variety of ongoing projects in both pathology and dermatology.

How to Apply

Please follow the links to our Pathology Department fellowship page and click on Application & Instructions for Pathology Fellowships.  Follow the Fellowship Application Checklist for required application materials.  Contact the program administrator with any questions.