UW Dermatology is committed to equity in all of our practices.  It is with this in mind that residency program leadership has made the intentional decision to conduct resident interviews virtually, now and into the future.  Conducting interviews virtually ensures that all applicants have the same opportunity to get to know our program without excess financial burden or worries about applicants' or families' health when traveling.

Moreover, travel associated with the application process contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, promoting global warming and negatively impacting the environment and individuals' health. One study examining the environmental cost of residency interviewing found that "students applying for residencies in every specialty produced emissions that exceed the global average annual emissions limit necessary to achieve the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement goals." (see article here) Knowing the long term health impacts of pollution and climate change on the local and global communities that we serve, as well as their disproportionate impact on minoritized and underserved communities, we could not in good conscience conduct in-person interviews.

Nevertheless, we recognize that getting to know a program can be a challenge. We therefore will host virtual interviews, and look forward to giving you full and transparent exposure to our faculty and residents so that you can make a well-informed decision for your rank list and residency options. Seattle is a beautiful city to work and live in, and we are proud of the community and learning environment we have created at UW Dermatology.  We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we do our small part to create an equitable experience and future for everyone.