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COVID-19 UPDATE: Please see our most recent information on our main UW page.

Due to the most recent recommendations, the University of Washington School of Medicine is halting all visiting medical students to UW Medicine sites. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this crisis and please review our guidelines for residency applications during this time.

 The Department of Medicine’s Division of Dermatology offers two visiting student programs:  DURM (Dermatology Underrepresented in Medicine) Program and General Visiting Students. Students will rotate at one or a combination of our five teaching hospitals/clinics:  UW Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Roosevelt Clinic and the Puget Sound VA.  We do solicit site preferences at least six weeks in advance.

General Visiting Students Overview

 We love to meet students from other institutions, as you bring a different perspective and experience to our clinic and hospitals.  Unless your medical school does not have a dermatology program, we recommend doing no more than 1-2 away rotations in Dermatology for the following reasons:

  • Away rotations are very expensive for students.  The expectation that applicants must have done several away rotations disadvantages some students and makes the process less equitable and unnecessarily stressful for applicants.
  • Our current climate crisis requires that we stop encouraging cross-country flights solely to bolster applications.
  • We value students that have a passion for Dermatology, but even more so those who have gained a broad exposure to other fields of medicine that will serve them well throughout their career.  These other non-derm electives make you a better physician in the long term.

Commitment to Holistic Application Reviews

In order to select the best applicants for the University of Washington Dermatology rotation and to improve equity in Dermatology please know:

  • Students do not need to rotate at UW to be considered for a residency position later, nor do we guarantee interviews to those who do rotate here. 
  • We do not have a minimum Step 1 or 2 board score to consider you for our program. 
  • We review EVERY application we get for residency in its entirety.  We do not reject any applications based upon any screening criteria. 

Dermatology Underrepresented in Medicine (DURM) Scholarship

The Division of Dermatology diversity rotation is a funded program designed to give students with a diverse background a chance to experience the training that the University of Washington Department of Medicine has to offer. This program is open to students from LCME and AACOM accredited US medical schools. We are delighted to extend this offering for academic year 2020-21. Please complete our DURM Application and send to Liz Wright at PDF format is preferred.

Block Calendar

All Medicine rotations are four (4) weeks in length. You must start at the beginning of the block and finish at the end of the block and your clerkship dates must correspond with UW's Clinical Elective Schedule

Summer 2020
Autumn 2020
Winter 2021
Spring 2021













Prerequisites for Medicine Elective Clerkships


You must withdraw at least 6 weeks before your starting date. Fees are non-refundable. All cancelations and changes must be made in writing to the department contact listed above.

Absence Policy

Please note our absence policy. Each elective has standard days off (weekends off for MEDECK 604 electives). Additional days off are generally not allowed. Please do not schedule an elective during a time when you are expecting to do residency interviews. One day off for a local interview may be granted with at least two weeks of advanced notice at the discretion of the clerkship director.

MEDECK 604 – Clinical Dermatology

Open ONLY to students applying for a residency in Dermatology.  Participation in dermatology clinics and inpatient consultations at the in University of Washington Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Roosevelt Clinic, and the Seattle VA Medical Center. Grand Rounds, Journal Club and other didactics are held each week with entire staff in addition to a continuing series of teaching seminars and weekly dermatopathology conferences. View full MEDECK 604 Curriculum.