Song Park, MD
Acting Instructor
Division of Dermatology

Faculty Information


Dr. Park is a board-certified dermatologist from South Korea. Before joining SCCA as a physician, Dr. Park worked as a clinical research fellow with the Nghiem Laboratory coordinating patient care and participating in research on Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC), a rare type of skin cancer. Dr. Park works with people who are experiencing various skin problems including skin cancers, treatment-related dermatitis, eczema, and general dermatology needs. She also has a special interest in hair disease, and dermatological procedures including intralesional therapy, where concentrated doses of a medication are injected directly into a skin lesion. The benefit of this type of therapy is that it allows us to treat a problem locally, minimizing side effects to the rest of the body.


Education & Training: 
Seoul National University
Seoul, Korea
Residency in Dermatology
Seoul National University Hospital
Senior Clinical Research Fellowship
University of Washington