DOM 75thIn commemoration of the UW Department of Medicine’s 75th anniversary, current and former UW Dermatology faculty have been nominated as changemakers and emerging leaders who have made a positive impact on their division or program.

Leadership from the Division of Dermatology were asked by the Department of Medicine to nominate both changemakers who have helped to shape their divisions or programs since they were first established, and emerging leaders who represent where we are now, and who will help lead us to where we want to be in the future.

Thank you, faculty, for your leadership and contributions to our division!


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Philip Fleckman, MD

1980 — Present

Known for characterizing the pathophysiology of ichthyosis vulgaris and a figurehead at the VA Puget Sound, a champion and advocate for veterans and their families for many years.






Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD 

2006 — Present

Current Head of the Division of Dermatology and international expert in Merkel cell carcinoma, leading a team that specializes in clinical care and innovative research toward detection and treatment of the rare disease.







George Odland, MD 

1961 — 1988

First long-term head of the Division of Dermatology, who led the division from 1961-1988, first described the lamellar granule of the epidermis (Odland body) in 1962.






John Olerud, MD 

1971 — 2021

First holder of the George F. Odland Chair in Dermatology;  Division Head from 1989-2014; Under his direction, the division experienced markedly improved recruitment and retention of faculty, increased research interactions and new grant support, and increased funding of chairs and professorships for education and research; a celebrated educator throughout his career.








Michi Shinohara, MD 

1996 — Present

First Associate Chief of Dermatology; first woman Director of Dermatopathology; Director of Dermatopathology Fellowship Training Program; Co-Director, Cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic at Fred Hutch Cancer Center; Director of Inpatient Consultative Dermatology at UWMC;  champion for equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts; national leader in multiple areas of medical dermatology.



Emerging Leaders

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Anna Cogen, MD, PhD

Director of Inpatient Dermatology Consultative Services. As a physician and investigator, she works closely with learners providing mentorship in scholarship educating residents on inpatient rotations and oncodermatology.







Andrea Kalus, MD

Helped strengthen and grow the division by fostering collaboration between divisions, developing the Humanities and the Arts Pathway program, and supporting the local community through volunteering and advocacy. Instrumental in the development of the combined Rheum/Derm Clinics at Roosevelt and Harborview.







April Schachtel, MD 

Chief and Education Site Director for Dermatology, at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System. She is a Member of the Dermatology Task Force for National VA Cerner Implementation and co-host of "Clippings", the official podcast of the Council for Nail Disorders. 







Cory Simpson, MD, PhD

Physician-scientist and PI of the Simpson Lab, which aims to identify novel treatment strategies to promote epidermal tissue regeneration after skin injuries and to restore skin barrier function in inherited and currently incurable dermatologic diseases.







Jay Vary, MD, PhD

Director of Dermatology Clinical Operations. Helped lead the expansion of dermatology services to primary care which will help meet the increased demand for specialty medical services in the community. Led many division-wide initiatives including the development of telemedicine for dermatology, volunteer events in the community, and increasing access to care.