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Dermatopathology (Dermpath) services are offered at UW Medical Center–Montlake. Dermpath is a collaboration between the UW Department of Dermatology and the UW Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology.

Four providers staff the Dermatopathology team diagnosing skin diseases by examining cellular samples under a microscope — Dr. Michi Shinohara from the Department of Dermatology and pathologists Drs. Zsolt Argenyi and Evan George.

Under the leadership of Michi Shinohara, MD, Director of UW Medicine Dermatopathology, we have adopted new systems to provide timely, cost-effective, excellent services and expand access for dermatologists and patients around the region.



Michi Shinohara, MD

Professor, Department of Dermatology
Associate Chief, Department of Dermatology
Director of Dermatopathology