From improving the lives of our patients to research breakthroughs, every resident who has joined the Division of Dermatology has left an indelible mark on our program through their curiosity, persistence and dedication to exceptional dermatologic care. As the Class of 2022 prepare to graduate and enter the next phase of their careers, take a look at where our recent graduates will be post-residency and what really made a difference in their training here at the University of Washington.

Deva Wells, MD
Deva Wells
Deva Wells, MD

Co-Chief Resident

Hometown: Seattle, Wash. 

Undergraduate School: University of Washington

Undergraduate Major: Neurobiology with College Honors

Medical School: University of Washington School of Medicine

Internship: University of Washington Internal Medicine Residency

Additional Training: University of Washington Internal Medicine Residency, Chief Medical Resident

What are your post-residency plans? 

I will be joining the UW faculty as an attending at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Seattle! I am absolutely thrilled to be joining such an amazing group of providers and educators, so many of whom have mentored, coached, and advised me on my path to dermatology. I look forward to collaborating with passionate and dedicated teammates at the VA.

What is a project – research, patient care, teaching – you have enjoyed working on during residency?

I enjoyed my QI project with Dr. DeNiro during my first year of residency related to how medications are represented in the electronic medical record. Dr. DeNiro was so enthusiastic and supportive, and it was a satisfying project with important and practical outcomes.

What professional and/or service activities have you enjoyed in residency?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my collaborations on both QI and scholarly projects with Dr. DeNiro and now Dr. Cogen, as well. I was also lucky enough to get to work with Dr. Vary during the small group sessions for medical students that covered basic science principles in dermatology; it was a pleasure to witness his expert teaching in a lecture and small group-based format.

What is a memorable moment in residency/chief residency and how has it impacted your work?

How can I select only one? Most recently, traveling to AAD was a highlight, being thrust into "massive group learning" and exploring Boston with my co-residents. The wait in the frigid cold for lobster rolls was made possible by the quality of the company!

What goals or milestones would you like to see realized in the future? 

I would love to pursue both domestic and international travel over the next few years with family and friends. The travel bug is a-buzzing!

What is one piece of advice you would give to incoming dermatology residents?

I would emphasize that dermatology training covers an exciting yet overwhelmingly expansive amount of knowledge, and that the purpose of first year is absolutely NOT to try to master it all. Rather, it's to try to lay humble foundations with didactics, reading and to consolidate a manageable number of key concepts through clinical learning. 

Who is a faculty or staff member that supported and mentored you during your time at UW Derm? 

I count Dr. Colven, Dr. Kalus, and Dr. Shinohara as special mentors and "recruiters" in dermatology, since all three of them lured me from internal medicine and supported me with unflinching enthusiasm along the way. I have been so inspired by their stimulating careers but also their pursuits of fulfillment outside of work, ranging from cycling to weaving to calligraphy, to name a few. They are committed to keeping their brains "plastic" across all domains and their hearts full, and this is one of life's most valuable lessons taught brilliantly through their role modeling.