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Faculty Research Interests

Faculty investigators have broad research interests, from basic science research related to dermatology and skin diseases, as well as translational research and clinical trials.

Paul Nghiem looks at a sample of Merkel cell carcinoma. Photo courtesy Fred Hutch News Service.

Dermatology Research Programs and Centers

The Division of Dermatology is home to several labs and centers that provide national stewardship on novel skin conditions, including cancer, and innovative tracking and treatment modalities. 

Featured Publication

How do we teach and talk about sun safety for children of all skin tones? Resident Dr. Anna Tappel and team have analyzed this question in a recent Pediatric Dermatology article: "Fair‐y Tales: An analysis of children’s books about sun safety". The authors found 17 children's books mentioning at least one sun safety practice. Most books featured several, but few featured all, of the AAD's sun protection guidelines, and there is much room for improvement in representing darker skin tones.