From improving the lives of our patients to research breakthroughs, every resident who has joined the Division of Dermatology has left an indelible mark on our program through their curiosity, persistence and dedication to exceptional dermatologic care. As the Class of 2022 prepare to graduate and enter the next phase of their careers, take a look at where our recent graduates will be post-residency and what really made a difference in their training here at the University of Washington.

Lauren Bonomo
Lauren Bonomo, MD
Lauren Bonomo, MD

Co-Chief Resident

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Penn. 

Undergraduate School: Yale University

Undergraduate Major: Linguistics

Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Internship: Virginia Mason Medical Center (Transitional Year)

Additional Training: Clinical Research Fellowship at Mount Sinai (with focus on biologics for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis)

What are your plans during the last few months of your residency? 

I’m really looking forward to the final few months of residency. As chair of the Wellness Committee, I am working with the Executive Committee to put together our spring wellness event for everyone in the Division and their families. It should be really fun! I’m also working on creating a guide/resource center on our division's intranet for residents navigating their return from parental leave.

What is a project – research, patient care, teaching – you have enjoyed working on during residency?

I have really enjoyed working on teaching skills and co-authoring several case reports with our rotating medical students over the past few years. And then seeing some of them go on to dermatology residency themselves!

What professional and/or service activities have you enjoyed in residency?

I always look forward to our group volunteer events with the entire residency program. Most recently, we have gone to Food Lifeline and had so much fun working together to serve our community.

What is a memorable moment in residency/chief residency and how has it impacted your work?

I welcomed a baby girl during my chief resident year, which has made my final year of residency much busier, but very full of joy. And having my own new baby at home definitely helped me relate to families when I rotated back through Seattle Children’s (although my swaddling skills unfortunately haven’t improved).

What goals or milestones would you like to see realized in the future? 

I am so excited to begin working as a general dermatologist this summer at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Centers in Renton and Federal Way. I have been living in Federal Way during residency and it has been my goal to eventually serve the patients in the community where I live – I can’t wait to start!

What is one piece of advice you would give to incoming dermatology residents?

Remember that your first year of dermatology residency is almost like a second intern year in that you are in a brand new specialty and role. Don’t be discouraged if the learning curve feels steep at first – dermatology is the best specialty and UW Dermatology in particular is filled with wonderful people who want you to succeed and achieve all your professional goals.

Who is a faculty or staff member that supported and mentored you during your time at UW Derm? 

I think UW Dermatology is a truly special program, because at least ten different names popped into my head immediately when thinking of faculty who have provided incredible support and mentorship over the past few years. Dr. Anna Cogen has especially gone above and beyond to support and educate residents on the UWMC Inpatient rotation...from her extensive knowledge about supportive oncodermatology to her enthusiasm for ice cream sandwich Fridays.