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8 Faculty Included in 2023 Seattle Magazine Top Docs List

July 7, 2023
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Congratulations to the eight faculty and ten volunteer faculty included in Seattle Magazine's 2023 Top Docs list!

Seattle MagazineSeattle Magazine’s annual Top Docs list consists of physicians who are nominated by their peers and screened by an independent health research firm. The list serves to help residents in the Puget Sound region find a new physician in each specialty.

All of our faculty strive for excellence in their care for patients and are continuously working to advance their own practice and the field of dermatology. We are proud to have our faculty recognized for exceptional dermatologic care in the community. 

Seattle Magazine’s Top Docs List 2023.



Kendra Bergstrom, M.D.

MD, UW Medical Center-Roosevelt Dermatology Center
Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Dermatology
Clinical Medical Director of Medical Dermatology, UW Medical Center-Roosevelt

Dr. Bergstrom is a board-certified dermatologist at UW Medical Center-Roosevelt Dermatology Center. Her clinical interests include cosmetic dermatology, medical dermatology, and melanoma.

Heather Brandling-Bennett, M.D.

MD, Seattle Children's 
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Clinical Adjunct, Division of Dermatology

Dr. Brandling-Bennett is a board-certified pediatric dermatologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Her clinical interests include dermatologic manifestations of autoimmune connective tissue disorders, psoriasis, disorders of keratinization, vascular anomalies, and complications from oncologic treatment.

Roy Colven, M.D.

MD, Harborview Medical Center
Professor, Division of Dermatology
Adjunct Professor, Global Health
Harborview Medical Center Dermatology Section Head

Dr. Colven is a board-certified dermatologist and section head of the dermatology service at Harborview Medical Center. His clinical interests include general dermatology, systemic diseases and the skin, HIV and the skin, and skin of color. 

Nicholas Compton, M.D.

MD, UW Medical Center-Roosevelt Dermatology Center 
MD, Eastside Specialty Center
Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Dermatology

Dr. Compton is a board certified physician at UW Medical Center-Roosevelt Dermatology Center and the Eastside Speciality Center in Bellevue. His clinical and research interests include medical dermatology, teledermatology and systemic diseases and the skin.

Jeremy Kampp, M.D.

MD, Dermatology Surgery Center 
Clinical Professor, Division of Dermatology
Director of Procedural Dermatology
Director of Dermatologic Surgery

Dr. Kampp is the Director of Dermatologic Surgery and the Mohs surgeon for UW Medical Center-Roosevelt's Dermatology Surgery Center. His clinical interests include Mohs micrographic surgery, facial reconstructive surgery, diagnosis and management of skin cancer and cosmetic surgery.

Paul Nghiem, M.D., Ph.D.

MD, Fred Hutch Cancer Center
Head of the Division of Dermatology
Professor, Division of Dermatology
Dermatology Site Director, Fred Hutch Cancer Center
Nghiem Lab, Principal Investigator 

Dr. Nghiem is a board-certified dermatologist at Fred Hutch Cancer Center and Principle Investigator for the Nghiem Lab, specializing in Merkel cell carcinoma. His clinical interests include Merkel cell carcinoma, skin cancer, and medical dermatology.

Michi Shinohara, M.D.

MD, UW Medical Center-Roosevelt Dermatology Center
MD, Fred Hutch Cancer Center
Associate Chief, Division of Dermatology
Professor, Division of Dermatology
Director of Dermatopathology

Dr. Shinohara is a board-certified dermatologist at the UW Medical Center-Roosevelt Dermatology Center and Fred Hutch Cancer Center. Her clinical interests include cutaneous lymphoma, dermatopathology, medical dermatology.

Robert Sidbury, M.D.

MD, Seattle Children's 
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Clinical Adjunct, Division of Dermatology

Dr. Sidbury is a board-certified pediatric dermatologist and Chief of Dermatology at Seattle Children’s Hospital. His clinical interests include atopic dermatitis, vascular malformations/birthmarks, and medical dermatology.

Congratulations Volunteer Faculty!

  • Kim Gittere Abson, M.D. — The Polyclinic, Madison Center
  • Daniel Berg, M.D. — The Polyclinic
  • Casey A. Carlos, M.D., Ph.D. — Dermatology Arts
  • James C. Collyer, M.D. — Modern Dermatology
  • Rachel A. Garton, M.D. — The Dermatology Clinic
  • Scott N. Isenhath, M.D. — Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Campus
  • Heather D. Rogers, M.D. — Modern Dermatology  
  • Mark Conrad Valentine, M.D. — North Sound Dermatology
  • Brenda L. Newman, M.D. — The Dermatology Clinic
  • Victor Roman Michalak, M.D. — Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology of Issaquah


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