Cory Simpson
Cory Simpson, MD, PhD
The UW Division of Dermatology is excited to announce that Cory Simpson, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator for the Simpson Lab, has been selected to receive a 2022 Outstanding Research Mentor Award from the UW School of Medicine!

Earlier this year, medical students from across the WWAMI region were invited to nominate mentors at the UW School of Medicine who have demonstrated excellence in mentoring by supporting students’ educational and career paths. Excellent mentors develop a supportive environment for scholarship, are readily available to guide students through their projects, provide instruction on research skills, support their personal and professional development, value scholarship, and demonstrate professionalism.

Eight mentors were selected by the UW School of Medicine Scholarship Committee to receive an Outstanding Research Mentor Award this year. Among them, two faculty members from the UW Department of Medicine were selected including Dr. Cory Simpson and Dr. Namrata Singh, Assistant Professor, Division of Rheumatology.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Simpson on this tremendous honor!

Dr. Simpson & The Simpson Lab

Dr. Simpson joined the UW Division of Dermatology in 2021 as an Assistant Professor and dermatologist at UW Medical Center-Roosevelt Dermatology Clinic. That same year he launched the Simpson Lab, an independent wet lab at the UW Medicine Biotech & Medical Research Hub in Seattle’s South Lake Union (SLU) neighborhood to study epidermal differentiation and how it is compromised in dermatologic disease.

The Simpson Lab’s staff includes research scientists, MD/PhD students, medical students and undergraduate researchers.

The Simpson Lab focuses on the role of autophagy and organelle degradation in human keratinocytes and how these cellular pathways drive maturation and homeostasis of the epidermal tissue. Ultimately, the Simpson Lab aims to identify novel treatment strategies to promote epidermal tissue regeneration after skin injuries and to restore skin barrier function in inherited and currently incurable dermatologic diseases.

To learn more about Dr. Simpson's research, please visit the Simpson Lab website