Five of UW Dermatology's talented undergraduate research scientists presented their research at this year’s Undergraduate Research Symposium on Friday, May 19, 2023. The annual symposium is an opportunity for undergraduates to present what they have learned through their research experiences to students, faculty and community members.

Congratulations to our undergrad scientists and their mentors; Rian Alam (Dr. Song Park), Emily Gong (Dr. Song Park), Nikhil Harikrishnan (Dr. Michi Shinohara), Reeteka Kudallur (Dr. Cory Simpson) and Ally Remington (Haroldo Rodriguez, PhD student)! 

Special thank you to Dr. Paul Nghiem, Head of UW Dermatology, for mentoring all our undergrad scientists, and to Dr. Masaoki Kawasumi for guiding our student presenters as director of this year’s skin cancer session.

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Undergraduate Research Symposium
(l-r) Dr. Masaoki Kawasumi, Emily Gong, Nikhil Harikrishnan, Rian Alam

Undergraduate Research Symposium
(l-r) Dr. Simpson, Reeteka Kudallur