Meet the people who support our mission and vision.

Melina Mambalam

Melina Mambalam, MHA

Division Administrator

Carina Barnes: Program Operations Specialist - Academic HR

Carina Barnes

Academic and Staff HR Manager
Phone: (206) 543-5291

Aimee Filippi, Program Coordinator

Aimee Filippi

CME Program Specialist and Intranet Programmer
Phone: (206) 685-6804

Mackenzie Keyse

Mackenzie Keyse, MPH

Communications Specialist

Trang Nguyen

Trang Nguyen

Executive Assistant to the Division Head
Phone: (206) 221-0264

Dermatology Executive Assistant

Paul Riili

Manager of Business Strategy, Finance and Clinical Programs
Phone: (206) 221-9392

Stephanie Timm

Stephanie Timm

Residency & Fellowship Programs Administrator
Phone: (206) 685-6120

Liz Wright

Liz Wright

Medical Students Program Manager
Phone: (206) 616-5265

Tamara Zurita

Tamara Zurita

Financial Analyst
Phone: (206) 685-7321