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Department Mission Statement

Advancing dermatology with integrity, compassion, and innovation.


The University of Washington Department of Dermatology is committed to:

  • Collaboration (We are collegial, we support and build community)
  • Continuous improvement (We foster a culture of excellence, scholarship, growth, learning and curiosity)

  • We celebrate and value diversity

  • We act with compassion

Team Values

The Executive Team supports our Department’s Mission and Values through:

  • Honesty, Authenticity, Truth, Transparency (HAAT)
  • Seeking Knowledge and being open to Learning in order to find the truth
  • Supporting one another and creating a Safe Space to express our truths

Executive commitee members


Melina Mambalam, MHA

Department Administrator


Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD

Head of the Department of Dermatology
George F. Odland Endowed Chair in Dermatology
Dermatology Site Director, Fred Hutch Cancer Center
Principal Investigator, Nghiem Lab

Professor, Department of Dermatology

Adjunct Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology

Adjunct Professor, Department of Oral Health Sciences

Adjunct Professor, Department of Immunology


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Paul Anthony Riili

Manager of Business Strategy, Finance and Clinical Programs


Michi Shinohara, MD

Associate Chief, Department of Dermatology
Professor, Department of Dermatology
Michael W. Piepkorn Endowed Chair in Dermatologic Research
Director of Dermatopathology