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Enriching short-term training for medical students interested in gaining experience in dermatology in a clinical setting.

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Clinical Dermatology Courses


Lan Nguyen 
Program Operations Specialist, Medical Student Programs

The Department of Dermatology offers clinical rotations in the Seattle and WWAMI regions.  

In Seattle, medical students will work in dermatology clinics with other students also gaining inpatient consult service experience. Our goal is to offer students the opportunity to learn basic approaches for diagnosis and management of common skin problems that present in clinical practice and address other key areas of dermatologic knowledge. 

There are several clinical sites for the dermatology rotation, each with their own character and unique opportunities. Our rotations are often a mix of two-three different sites throughout the week. You can learn more about the various locations here. 

We also offer a Pediatric Dermatology course at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  

In the WWAMI region, we mostly offer outpatient rotations at private clinics in the community. 

Responsibilities & Evaluations

  • Remember you will be seeing patients, so please dress appropriately.  Wear your clean white jackets, a name tag, and appear well-groomed in the clinics and on ward rounds. Take as much primary responsibility in the clinics as you can. 
  • Following the session, please complete your evaluation forms. It is mandatory that you fill out the evaluations as it helps us improve. If you have concerns mid-rotation for any reason, please reach out to the department for support. Here is an example of the Image removed.Medicine APC Mid-Rotation Feedback Form