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Feb 21
Paul Nghiem
February 21, 2024
Paul Nghiem Named Founding Chair of the Department of Dermat…
Purple background
Feb 9
Stephanie Timm
Mac Writt
February 9, 2024
UW Dermatology Staff Nominated for Distinguished Staff Award…
UW Medicine sign in South Lake Union
Jan 26
Cory Simpson
January 26, 2024
Dr. Cory Simpson Receives ASCI Young Physician-Scientist Awa…
Exterior of UW Medicine at South Lake Union
Dec 1
Cory Simpson
Jessica Ayers
December 1, 2023
Simpson Lab Awarded $590K to Study Hailey-Hailey Disease
UW Medicine sign in South Lake Union
Aug 22
Cory Simpson
August 22, 2023
Simpson Lab Awarded $50k Grant from Foundation for Ichthyosi…
epidermis histology
Jul 20
Cory Simpson
July 20, 2023
Simpson Lab Awarded $100k NIH Grant for Skin Research