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Connect with the programs below for additional scholarship opportunities, fellowships, and volunteer experiences in the community focused on art and the humanities. 

NWNM logo

Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative

The NWNMC brings together diverse group of interprofessional health care providers, students, academics, artists, patients and caregivers together to engage in conversation, create community and explore narrative as it pertains to health, illness and care taking. Learn More.

Grief Dialogues logo

Grief Dialogues

Grief Dialogues offers compassion, understanding, shared experiences, and resources to those aging, dying, and grieving through theatre, film, website, and social media. Learn More.  

Simpson logo

The Simpson Center for the Humanities 

The Simpson Center for the Humanities provides financial and administrative support for graduate students to pursue cross disciplinary research, teaching, and engagement projects in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Learn More.  

FASPE - Fellowships for the Study of Professional Ethics logo

Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics (FASPE) Medical Program 

FASPE Medicine challenges its Fellows to recognize their responsibility to act as ethical leaders in their medical careers. FASPE begins by examining the actions and choices of German physicians in enabling and executing Nazi policies. FASPE then draws on this historical example to help Medical Fellows grasp their role and responsibility as individuals with influence in their communities and to lead them to identify and confront the ethical issues currently facing physicians and the medical profession at large. Learn More.